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Oilfield Trucking in Alberta

Your company can rely on the experienced team at Silvertip Oilfield Services to provide a wide variety of trucking services to your oil and gas, pipelines, or other operation. Our quality oilfield truck hauling services help the Alberta oil and gas industry stay strong.

With a wide variety of useful trucks and skilled operators, Alberta worksites call on us when in need of trucks to do the following:

  • Pressure truck services Equipped with a 4m3 tank, triplex, and 2’’ pump on a 4x4 Dodge 5500 chassis.

  • Hydro vac services Our coded hydro vacs are equipped with a hybon 822 blower and a 1 million BTU hotsy pressure washer and can handle any hydro-vac job contaminated or not.

  • Bed truck services We have a variety of sizes, Texas bed, 340” and 360” double set back. Good for any light to heavy bed truck job.

  • Spill clean-up services We can tackle any spill clean-up job with a combo vac & vac pup, nodwell combo-vac (for remote cleanups), or excavator and end dumps depending on the situation.

  • Contaminated soil hauling Our tandem/tri or tri/tri end dumps work well for hauling contaminated soil we can even load them with our excavators.

  • Rig work We assist service and drilling rigs with our variety of fluid and winch trucks.

  • Tank cleaning Our zero-entry gamma jet or door canon works well for tank cleaning assisted by our combo-vac & vac pup units.

  • Fluid hauling We have a wide variety of fluid hauling units: single, tandem & tri axel floater trucks, tri axel body job, tri/tri, and tri/quad.

  • Steamer truck services Our tandem axel steamer units come in handy for any washing or steaming that might come our way.

  • Picker truck services 30 and 45 Ton stiff boom units, 1-ton knuckle picker truck mount, and 3-ton knuckle picker on a nodwell can handle just about any picker job.

  • Facility turnarounds Our variety of trucks, equipment, and rentals come in handy if you are planning a turnaround.

  • Facility work Most of our trucks can be found working at a facility at some point supporting their needs.

  • Heavy haul low bed service Our tandem and tri-axle tractors can pull our 2-3-2 double drop combination and haul up to 70 tons.

  • Heavy haul rescue services Our winches on our bed trucks are a great tool for heavy rescue.

  • Vacuum truck services Combo vac, hydro vac, straight vac, semi vac & nodwell hydro vac are some of the vacuum services we provide.

  • Winch truck services Our tandem and tri-axle winch trucks can be paired up with a low or high boy trailer for moving just about any building or piece of equipment.

  • Rig moving services With our pickers, bed trucks, and winch tractors, we can move service rigs and all their equipment.

  • Facility decommissioning Our crews and equipment can be helpful when facilities need to be cleaned up and hauled out.

  • Service work We do a wide variety of service work.

  • Hot water We can heat water from 0-100 degrees celsius and deliver it.

We are ready to help make your project a success with effective services, guaranteed to meet your oilfield site’s needs. Call Silvertip Oilfield Services Inc. today to get started and learn how effective trucking can make all the difference.


Trucking Services Available 24/7

Our fleet of trucks is here to help your project succeed – any time, day or night.


Silvertip Oilfield Services
P.O. Box 694
Manning, Alberta

T0H 2M0

Phone: 780-836-3792 

Fax: 780-836-2843



Silvertip Open Camp

Phone: 780-956-3822

Fax: 780-956-3163


Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Proudly serving:

  • Manning

  • Grande Prairie

  • Valleyview

  • High Prairie

  • Peace River

  • Slave Lake

  • Fairview

  • Red Earth

  • High Level

  • Rainbow Lake

  • Zama


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